Trust Fall
Jake and Amir, Episode 02
JakeAmir 02 Trust Fall
Premiere May 16, 2007
Previous 30 Second Debate
Next Kite

Trust Fall is the second episode of Jake and Amir, which Premièred on May 16, 2007. This video is the first in the series to show a dumb Amir.

Summary Edit

Amir walks up to Jake and asks him if he can trust him, which Jake replies that he can. Amir then leens backwards and slams into the floor. Jake kneels next to Amir who is lieing on the floor and says that he feels lie shit because Amir trusted him and he let him down.

The video is less than 30 seconds long and both Jake and Amir are seen laughing out of character when Amir attempts to say the line "I can't feel my legs".

Links Edit

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