The Morning After
Season 1, Episode 3
The Morning After
Air date February 22, 2009
Written by Amir Blumenfeld
Dan Gurewitch
Directed by Sam Reich
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Plot Summary Edit

After holding CollegeHumor America's Hottest College Girl contest party, the staffs wake up groggy, until Streeter receives a call from Lexi Myer's father saying that Lexi (the crowned winner from the last night's party) has disappeared. Incidentally, Ricky overheard a scuffle with a gunshot-like sound involving Lexi, Streeter and Patrick at the party (while calling Zac Efron), and brings in a cop who starts interrogating Streeter and Patrick. Meanwhile, Sarah recruits others to organize the funeral for Lexi, only to become frustrated by their misplaced or lack of efforts.

In the interrogation room, Streeter describes the last night's party, including Face Twister game they played, dance number of Sam and Dan to Ludacris's What's Your Fantasy, and the bar brawl, started by Sarah and another girl ("You punched my boob!"), instigated by Amir. Patrick describes the (non-existent) connection he felt with Lexi. The funeral for Lexi goes downhill after the performance of hot "priest" stripper hired by Jake, despite emotional eulogies by Dan and Sam, and passionate testimony by Jake ("If I knew I had a chance with her in heaven, I'd kill myself right now!"), all to the annoyance of Sarah. Lexi Myers appears to collect the contest prize, but not before the cop becomes overly emotional and start abusing Streeter and Patrick, not giving them the chance to explain themselves. All is good, and everyone dances to What's Your Fantasy, led by Sam and Dan.[1]

Guest Appearances Edit

Adam Frucci of Gizmodo, the real-life boyfriend of Sarah Schneider, makes the appearance as the bartender.

The character of Lexi Myers (played by Ariana Madix) is the first to crossover from the show to a CH Originals, POV: Hot Girl.[2]

CH Originals Edit

The following CH Originals clips were used:

The plot also includes elements from Parents Game.

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