The CollegeHumor Show
The CollegeHumor Show
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Ricky Van Veen
Sam Reich
Scott Tomlinson


Amir Blumenfeld
Patrick Cassels
Dan Gurewitch
Jake Hurwitz
Jeff Rubin
Sam Reich
Sarah Schneider
Streeter Seidell
Ricky Van Veen

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6 (List of episodes)

"This is Ricky. Back in college, he and his friend started a comedy website for beer money. They called it ' When in college, neither Ricky nor any of his friends took a writing course. That's why this site is chock full of simple grammatical mistakes. 

Now, instead of dorm rooms, they have an office in New York City. They still make stupid videos for the Internet, and behave like total children. Also, they still can't afford to pay someone to properly edit their websites.These are the actual dorks who work here. And this is what they do all day long.

This is The CollegeHumor Show."

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The CollegeHumor Show is also available on-air and on-line in Canada through MTV Canada and MuchMusic.

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