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Streeter Seidell is the front-page editor at CollegeHumor. Streeter was born December 2, 1982 in New Haven, Connecticut. He graduated from Fordham University in May 2005[1].

Streeter rose to internet prominence with Prank War, a (seemingly escalating) series of pranks exchanged with Amir Blumenfeld.

Streeter portrays such popular characters as Phantom of the Office, Overgrown Guy Girlfriend, and Steven Barker/Baker the Best Buy Manager as a part of Hardly Working series.

Streeter also wrote now-defunct The Style Guys with Amir.

Streeter writes Indablog, the blog for Indiba Music, a in-browser tool for collaborative music production. Streeter also writes for mental_floss and manages WhiteWhine.

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On May 16th, Streeter announced on his tumblrlog[2] that Hardly Working episodes featuring his characters will be featured under the name Streeter Theeter. This distinction is similar to that of Jake and Amir, in that the series will keep its ties to CH Originals/Hardly Working, but may allow for expansion as an independent entity (for example see Jake and Amir website).

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Streeter starred in The Old Man and the Seymour as Seymour Plunkett, an orphan who is taken in by his (unwilling) uncle, Lewis Plunkett (portrayed by Amir Blumenfeld].

Streeter and Amir appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live! after Streeter's prank on Amir in The Half Million Dollar Shot. Amir's prank on Streeter in The Yankee Prankee was also covered.

Amandalyn Ferri and Ted Roden started now-defunct [1] site after objecting to Wikipedia's removal of the article on Streeter.

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