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Sarah Schneider

Sarah Schneider is a writer and an actress, and the Editorial Manager for CollegeHumor. Sarah was hired by Ricky in May 2005, as a freelancer, to work on The CollegeHumor Guide to College[1]. Eventually, Sarah was hired to be a full-time staff at CollegeHumor, making her the first permanent female employee[2].

Other than her contribution in writing/acting in CH Originals, Sarah also writes a weekly feature Pop Culture CliffsNotes and countless articles.

Sarah left CollegeHumor in 2012 when she was hired fulltime for Saturday Night Live, but briefly returned for a cameo in 2013's All-Nighter: Too Phantom Too Furious alongside David Young.

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Quotes Edit

Orson Welles/Charles Kane: "You said you wanted to be more educated about the history of cinema."
Sarah: "Yeah, I do want to, but-"
Orson Welles/Charles Kane (mocking): "-but My Super Sweet 16 was on."
Sarah: "Hey, fuck you, Orson Welles!"
(Ignored Netflix Movies Fight Back)

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