Sarah's New Boyfriend
Season 1, Episode 4
Sarah's New Boyfriend
Air date March 1, 2009
Written by Dan Gurewitch
Sarah Schneider
Directed by Sam Reich
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The Morning After
Hot Girl

Plot Summary Edit

Sam, Dan, Jeff and Patrick become concerned with Sarah's taste in men and decide to look for a guy they think is right for her. After unsuccessful solicitation with Sarah's pictures in what turned out to be a gay bar, Sam, Dan, Jeff and Patrick gets a man named Trip (played by Josh Ruben) to come to the office and court Sarah after witnessing his "remarkable" card trick. Meanwhile, Ricky assigns Jake to work with Amir about Ricky himself , and Streeter becomes a goth upon receiving the news of his parent's apparent divorce from his mother's changed relationship status on Facebook. Jake and Amir's work session immediately goes downhill as Amir starts calling 911 and Dominoes for a meal.

When Trip shows up, he manages to creep Sarah out completely ("Rack? A. Ass? B-. Vagina? ...TBD."), but the group insist that she be impressed with Trip and his card trick. Streeter forms a metal band in the office with his new goth entourage, until he gets a call from his mom and realizes his parents are not getting a divorce after all. Meanwhile, Sarah exposes Trip as fraud after she baits Trip in a lingerie-clad encounter to learn his card trick, and the group lashes out at him. Trip disappears as a flock of ravens, and only then Sarah brags to the stunned group that she slept with Trip, earning a high-five from Patrick.[1]

CH Originals Edit

The following CH Originals clips were used:

The plot also includes elements from Goth Dave Matthews Fan, and Lunch Meeting.

References Edit

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