Rival Site
Season 1, Episode 1
Rival Site
Air date February 8, 2009
Written by Amir Blumenfeld
Dan Gurewitch
Sam Reich
Directed by Sam Reich
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Plot Summary Edit

Ricky loses Patrick to Chuck Paulson of, the biggest rival of CollegeHumor in a poker game. Meanwhile, Streeter coaches Jake and Jeff on beer pong. Ricky increasingly loses his cool at Paulson publicly trashing CollegeHumor and Patrick's disguised (and misinterpreted) SOS calls and competes with Paulson's fictional office environment by installing in-office taco truck and converting his office into a ball pit. Amir gets Dan fired after peeing in the ball pit, and Dan starts working in the taco truck.

Sarah finally realizes Patrick is in trouble, and Sam gets the idea of getting Patrick back in beer pong competition (Ricky bets the whole company). With Paulson slipping on a ball from the pit while making the last shot, CollegeHumor wins and gets Patrick back (in a dog cage).[1]

CH Originals Edit

The following CH Originals clips were used:

References Edit

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