Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
1 Rival Site Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch, Sam Reich February 8, 2009
Ricky loses Patrick to a rival site of CollegeHumor, and the gang gets him back in a beer pong competition.
2 Interns Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Patrick Cassels February 15, 2009
The strategy of hiring only hot girl interns backfires on the gang.
3 The Morning After Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch February 22, 2009
Patrick and Streeter are accused of murder the day after the America's Hottest College Girl party.
4 Sarah's New Boyfriend Sam Reich Dan Gurewitch, Sarah Schneider March 1, 2009
Sam, Dan, Jeff and Patrick find a perfect boyfriend for Sarah in Trip, an insensitive jerk.
5 Hot Girl Sam Reich Jake Hurwitz, Sam Reich, Streeter Seidell March 8, 2009
The gang, save for Sarah, is entranced by Jessica, a hot girl from accounting, and makes foolish mistakes.
6 Armageddon Sam Reich Amir Blumenfeld, Dan Gurewitch March 15, 2009
The gang mistakenly believes that CollegeHumor is ending at 6pm that day, and (over)reacts in different ways.

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