2009 Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
139 Guy Ritchie Giancarlo Fiorentini, Jon Grimm May 4, 2009
138 Maze May 1, 2009
137 Yawn of the Dead Giancarlo Fiorentini, Jon Grimm April 27, 2009
During an unsuccessful meeting, Dan starts "infecting" Jake, Amir and Jeff with yawning (see contagiousness of yawning). Despite some resistance, Streeter also falls under the influence, and Patrick has to shoot them with a gun, a la Dawn of the Dead. Relieved Sarah walks away with Patrick, who surreptiously turns around and yawns sinisterly, a la Thriller. The episode closes with CH Staffs performing the zombie dance sequence from Thriller.
136 Cargo Party April 24, 2009
135 Gale Beggy 2 Giancarlo Fiorentini, Jon Grimm Josh Ruben April 20, 2009
"CollegeHumor's Director of Technology is back... from the future."

Gale Beggy presents new office equipments at the staff meeting. After failing to use lamp to initiate conference call with Josh Abramson and start up a projector with his vocal command, Gale tells the staff that they will be getting new "seat-couches" (office chairs), "power boxers" (monitors), "k-pads" (phones) ...and schematics for plasma cannon. Gale inadvertently tells the staff that plasma cannons are for fighting alien robot apocalypse that starts... tomorrow. In an ensuing chaos, Gale tries to get the schematic out from a MacBook, presumably the only location of the schematic, and everyone jumps up to take the laptop away from Gale.

Josh stars as Gale Beggy.

134 Vacation Day Jon Grimm, Giancarlo Fiorentini April 17, 2009
Jeff takes a vacation day, and comes into the office with a Hawaiian shirt, a boombox, a Corona, and an obnoxious behavior. The next day, Jeff takes a sick day, throwing up in the office.
133 Witch Hunt April 13, 2009
132 Introspective Jake April 10, 2009
Dan's cousin, Anastasia Gurewitch, visits the office. After Kevin and Patrick make fools of themselves, Jake demonstrates his method of attracting the ladies: by being introspective ("ever think about fate?"). It works, and astonished Kevin and Patrick try to be introspective themselves, only to make out themselves. Jake is thwarted by Jeff, who lures Anastasia away with football (which he promptly throws away as he walks with Anastasia). The episode closes with Kevin and Patrick continuing to making out.
131 Dilly Dally Wesley Lorenzini April 8, 2009
130 Daughter April 3, 2009
129 Man Baby March 31, 2009
Sarah's overgrown baby nephew, played by Streeter, comes into the office for a day and wreaks havoc.
Bully Jon Grimm, Giancarlo Fiorentini March 25, 2009
Streeter turns into a stereotypical bully after Sarah starts playing Disturbed on her iTunes. After bullying Ricky (lunch money), Dan (wedgies), Amir (toilet dunking) and Sarah ("lesbian!"), Jake "stands up" (also stereotypically) to him to turn him back to normal.

This clip was first shown on Sarah's New Boyfriend. Hardly Working version is slightly different - with different music by Disturbed, and Streeter saying "lesbo" instead of "lesbian" at the end.

Airplane Jon Grimm, Giancarlo Fiorentini March 18, 2009
Sarah's Birthday February 6, 2009
Patrick, Dan, Sam, Jake and Amir throws a surprise birthday party for Sarah, but all forget the words to Happy Birthday (the actual song not used presumably due to copyright to the song) (Dan tries "you bubble butt slut, it's your motherfucking birthday, motherfucking birthday"). Sarah storms out after the group sings their own song, complete with Dan's high-pitched vocal. The group decides that singing the song, again, in front of everyone at the office, would make her feel better. The episode closes with everyone liking the 'birthday song', and Sarah fuming in her party hat.

This clip opens The Morning After.

2008 Edit

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Premiere
You'll Never Guess March 25, 2008

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