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Ariana Madix

Lexi Myers is a recurring character in CH Originals. Lexi is portrayed by Ariana Madix.

The character of Lexi Myers is the first to crossover from The CollegeHumor Show (The Morning After) to a CH Originals, POV: Hot Girl.[1] In The Morning After, as America's Hottest College Girl contest winner, she does not show familiarity with CH staffers, but in POV: Hot Girl, she appears as the long-time friend/crush object of Vincent Peone, who introduce her to Kevin and Josh.

List of CollegeHumor Appearances Edit

  • Lexi Myers first appeared in The Morning After, as the fictional winner of America's Hottest College Girl, an annual real-life contest held by CollegeHumor
  • Ariana Madix reprises her role as Lexi Myers as the main Character (POV) in POV: Hot Girl
  • The name "Lexi Myers" can be seen on the cellphone screen when the main character's girlfriend calls in POV: Eating a Salad.

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