Joshua Benjamin Ruben was born June 30th, 1983 in Washington DC[1]. Besides being a robot sent from the future to destroy Sean Connor in an attempt to create an infinite loop-hole in space-time, Josh is also the director of nearly all of CH Originals episodes, taking over the job from Sam Reich in late 2008.

Josh is also a part of Dutch West as the executive producer, a writer, and an actor.

Josh also portrays Gale Beggy (Hardly Working), a CollegeHumor Director of Technology from the future who is accustomed to advanced technology, but remains clueless about much of contemporary technology ("I don't know anything!").

In The CollegeHumor Show, he also appears as Trip, an insensitive man who is recruited to date Sarah.

Josh has also appeared in the soap One Life to Live, and an episode of PBS series Wide Angle[2]

Josh has two half-siblings, one of which is Rachael Yamagata, a renowned singer[3].

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