Gale Beggy
Gale Beggy
Gale Beggy


Director of Technology

Portrayed by

Josh Ruben



Gale Beggy is a recurring fictional character in Hardly Working series, portrayed by Josh Ruben. Gale is the Director of Technology (assumed to be for Connected Ventures), and it is assumed that her position deals with procurement and maintenance of equipments for the web site and editorial/production teams, and issues in network and logistics. In real life, CollegeHumor has a Development team, headed by the Director of Front End/Backend and IT.

The irony of the character lies in that Gale holds the position because she is from the future (year 2500) and has the knowledge of advanced technology, and yet she is utterly clueless in identifying and using contemporary technology (e.g. monitor, laptop) and everyday normal items (e.g. camera, her hair). It is assumed that the management hired her knowing her incompetency/advancement - Ricky is shown to be patient with her during a meeting when she (unsuccessfully) uses a desk lamp to bring Josh Abramson into a conference call ("Abramson! Abramson!").

In addition to her incompetency with technology, she also lacks social and grooming skills. The staffs are shown to do their best to accommodate her - or at least, to be politically correct - in various occasions, which forms the other half of the humor in the episodes.

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